Academic Opportunities

Enrich your education and get career-shaping experience

Hoosiers are doers. We not only come up with big ideas, we also put them into action, see them to fruition, and learn from the entire experience to shape our futures and careers.

This hands-on, practice-that-leads-to-proficiency approach begins your first year. IU Bloomington’s many academic opportunities range from small (taking a course in another field that interests you) to large (designing your own research study), and each program and school has its own opportunities.

Engaged learning for undergrads

Research, creative activity, internships, and global involvement are all types of engaged learning. Through our Office of Engaged Learning, you can find out more about these opportunities at IU, including awards you can apply for.

Hutton Honors College and honors programs

The IU logo on an exterior wall of the Hutton Honors College building

Our most accomplished undergraduates are invited to enter the Hutton Honors College, which offers small seminars, events with special visitors to campus, scholarships, and grants for activities like research and international travel. Other IU schools and departments have their own honors programs.

Do good and get good experience

极速快3预测计划Through service opportunities in Bloomington and beyond, student service organizations, , and , you can help others while getting knowledge, skills, and experience that will help your career prospects.

Learn more about community service at IU

70+ languages taught, the most in the country

Description of the video:


[Video: Woman writes “klemmare” on chalkboard]

[Words appear: Indiana University offers the most foreign language classes—more than 70—of any college or university in the country.]

[Words appear: IU boasts several of the top programs in the most commonly learned foreign languages, such as Spanish and French . . .]

极速快3预测计划[Words appear: . . . along with many unique languages such as Bamana, Uyghur, Yucatec Maya, Imperial Old Tibetan, and Estonian.]

极速快3预测计划[Words appear: IU hosts Language Flagship programs in Chinese, Arabic, and Turkish, the largest number for a single institution in the U.S. . . .]

极速快3预测计划[Words appear: . . . and the only Turkish Flagship Porgram in the country.]

极速快3预测计划[Words appear: Since 1950, IU’s world-renowned Summer Language Workshop has been providing intensive world language instruction.]

[Words appear: More than 9,000 IU undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in 53 different foreign language courses in fall 2016.]

极速快3预测计划[Video: Names of languages appear rapidly, one after another, in alphabetical order, superimposed on a world map.]

Speaker 1 speaks: [in English] We are

极速快3预测计划Speaker 2 speaks: [in Spanish] We are

Speaker 3 speaks: [in French] We are

Speaker 4 speaks: [in Korean] We are

Speaker 5 speaks: [in Chinese] We are

极速快3预测计划Speaker 1 speaks: [in English] Indiana University

极速快3预测计划Speaker 3 speaks: [in French] Indiana University

极速快3预测计划Speaker 2 speaks: [in Spanish] Indiana University

Speaker 4 speaks: [in Korean] Indiana University

Speaker 5 speaks: [in Chinese] Indiana University

极速快3预测计划[Words appear: Indiana University]

极速快3预测计划[Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise]

[Words appear:]


Express yourself on the page or on the stage

A student holds copies of the Indiana Daily Student newspaper. The headline reads 'Professor funds Sundance film.'

极速快3预测计划Arts and creative opportunities abound at IU. Perform through the world-famous or the celebrated . Work for the nationally recognized or . Exhibit your art in the . Write an original score for a silent film, and hear it performed at the IU Cinema—you’ll even get a $5,000 commission.

极速快3预测计划Serious about sustainability? offers internships, research grants, and funds for innovative campus projects.