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IU alumni are impressive for many reasons: their sheer numbers, how you can run into them practically anywhere, their incredible success. The most remarkable thing about IU grads? The way they support IU, students, and each other throughout their lives.

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Sage Steele displayed her IU spirit during her 2015 Commencement speech.

Your IU network includes . . .

  • Sage Steele, ESPN anchor
  • Will Shortz, New York Times crossword editor
  • Deepender Singh Hooda, a member of India’s parliament
  • Joshua Bell, virtuoso violinist
  • Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroanatomist and author of the bestseller My Stroke of Insight
  • Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia
  • Michael Uslan, executive producer of the Batman films and a faculty member in

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极速快3预测计划Whatever stage you’re at in your professional life, the IU Alumni Association (IUAA) will help you .

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For all who will shape our next century

A transformational $3 billion investment in IU, For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign极速快3预测计划 celebrates all that we’ve accomplished in our first 200 years and supports all the promise of our next two centuries. Glimpse the future of IU—and our world—with Meryl Streep, LHD’14, as your guide.

Description of the video:

[Music begins]

[Video: Close-up of spikes of wheat waving gently in the wind]

[Video: Legs of woman wearing blue jeans and tall blue rubber boots walking toward a vehicle parked in a grassy area]

[Video: Close-up of the back window of a truck travelling down the road with a blue sky and farm
in the distance]

[Video: View from a moving vehicle of a residential street lined with manicured grass on both sides and mature trees and partial view of homes in the background with sun rising behind a tree]

Narrator Meryl Streep: Imagine the world that this one

极速快3预测计划[Video: Young boy wearing a green shirt running in a field holding an orange kite with a long orange tail dragging behind him framed by a stand of tall trees in the background and a hazy blue sky]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: could become.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up of a baby’s head on soft white surface wearing a smocked, ruffled pink shirt staring into the camera]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: The world that future generations might inherit.

[Video: Silhouette of young boy holding a basketball he’s about to bounce and a taller man standing next to him with a basketball goal in the distance and a twilight sky with a plane flying in
极速快3预测计划 the distance]

极速快3预测计划[Video: Side-view silhouette of a person sitting next to a large picture window with a view of the tall buildings of downtown Indianapolis in the background]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: Picture a world that’s safe,

极速快3预测计划[Video: Twilight view of the White River with the tall buildings of downtown Indianapolis in the background]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: healthy,

[Video: Twilight view from the far banks of the White River with the tall buildings of downtown
极速快3预测计划 Indianapolis in the far distance]

Meryl Streep: open.

[Video: Close-up view facing the entrance to the Indiana Government Center looking down the street to the Indiana State Capitol in the distance.]

Meryl Streep: Where leaders are conscientious

[Video: View from the street looking up at the pedestrian bridge linked to the IUPUI Student Center]

Meryl Streep: and able.

[Video: Close-up of young girl wearing red shirt lifting her head, deep in thought with blurred images of trees in the background]

Meryl Streep: Where dreamers can dream even bigger.

[Video: Young girl wearing an Indiana t-shirt, shorts, and running shoes sitting in the grass with her back propped-up against a tree trunk and her legs bent holding a notebook in her lap with tall
trees and street lights in the background staring out at the landscape deep in thought.]

Meryl Streep: What if we could make this world

[Video: Young girl wearing red Indiana t-shirt and shorts and a younger boy wearing a white tshirt and green shorts running by the Showalter Fountain with Venus and fish spouting water in
the background]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: our world?

[Video: Young girl wearing a lose fitting pink shirt running and another young girl wearing a peach shirt and white shorts running behind her with a limestone building in the background}

Meryl Streep: What if you could start today? It starts right now.

[Video: Close-up of young boy with brown tightly curled ringlets sitting on the pavement at the edge of the fountain gazing with a look of joy and amazement and a young teen girl in red Indiana
shirt sitting near him in the background]

[Video: Blank white screen]

[Video: Black and white close-up of a female student’s face with long straight hair smiling at the camera]

Meryl Streep: It starts with you.

Female student: And it starts with your support of Indiana University. You, you can create a brighter future for all.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Black and white image of male student wearing glasses stepping into the picture and standing next to the female student]

Male student: You will help us reach new heights of achievement.

[Video: Two male students brush hands in greeting as they pass through the Sample Gates going in opposite directions with male and female students strolling in the background]

Meryl Streep: You will make it possible for

[Video: Close-up of a male student with a white tassel hanging from his graduation cap smiling next to a blurred image of another student next to him.

Meryl Streep: the best,

[Video: Approximately 30 students with laptops open in a three-tiered theatre-style classroom focused on male professor lecturing in the front of the classroom]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: brightest students to access

[Video: View from the back of a woman standing in front of an abstract painting]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: the world-class education

极速快3预测计划[Video: View of woman shifts to the front with close-up of her face]

Meryl Streep: that IU provides.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Side close-up view of a woman’s arms and hands playing the violin with blurred images of violins and other orchestra members in the background]

Meryl Streep: You’ll empower

[Video: Two female students, one in the foreground bending over and one in the center sitting on a structure under construction, pounding nails with hammers and in the background, an IU banner on light pole and the “Indiana University” signage at the top of the football stadium.]

Meryl Streep: students to give back to their communities

[Video: Twenty-one students in hard hats raising a wall to form the side of a home under construction]

Meryl Streep: in meaningful, life-changing ways.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close- up of a chin-bearded male student with two female students standing on either side of him]

Male student: You will create new generations of global leaders.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Female student smiling and interacting with woman wearing a blue sari and pale pink scarf on her head with an older adult male sitting in the background looking on]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: With your support, our students will have

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up of the female student’s face looking knowingly to the far left with an acknowledging smile]

Meryl Streep: the global experiences that give them a sense

极速快3预测计划[Video: View of the back of a male student standing on a boat with a canopy that is travelling down a river]

Meryl Streep: of the world.

[Video: Close-up side view of a smiling female student with hair blowing in the wind on a boat with a canopy as it travels on water with blurred land images in the horizon]

Meryl Streep: And the ability to carve out their place in it.

[Video: Head of an ancient sculpture]

Meryl Streep: You’ll help IU

极速快3预测计划[Video: Three female students, one with a scarf covering her head, and two male students, smiling at the camera as they pose for a group selfie]

Meryl Streep: strengthen its partnerships

[Video: Night scene of two female students, one with a scarf covering her head, standing in a blurred crowd swaying and singing in unison with blurred images in the background]

Meryl Streep: with academic, professional, and civic organizations around the world.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Night scene of a male and a female student smiling and clapping with blurred images of crowd in the background]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: And you’ll give IU students,

[Video: Older adult male standing at a podium with “Indiana” signage speaking and gesturing enthusiastically]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: faculty, and alumni perspectives

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up view of young woman with long black hair making a speech]

Meryl Streep: and the voice they need to solve global problems.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up view of a female professor surrounded by three male faculty]

Female professor: You will help us teach and inspire the learners of tomorrow.

[Video: Close-up of cluster of students in a classroom with focus on one male student in the middle of the group speaking]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: You’ll equip

[Video: Side/back view of a male professor lecturing a group of students who have their laptops open in a tiered lecture room]

Meryl Streep: IU faculty

[Video: Feet-only view of two female ballet dancers in pink ballet slippers and leotards dancing]

Meryl Streep: with the resources

[Video: Male ballet teacher performs graceful arm movement next to dancer in a long sleeve blue shirt]

Meryl Streep: and spaces they need

[Video: Close-up of male and female ballet dancers performing]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: to prepare students

[Video: Male professor talking with a male student on the sidewalk outside a classroom building]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: to contribute

[Video: Back view of a student in sculpture studio working on a large colorful spiral sculpture]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: to a stronger

[Video: Close-up of colorful strands of the sculpture with background blurred]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: more vibrant society.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Male medical researcher in a suit and tie surrounded by three females and a male wearing white medical jackets with medical equipment in the background]

Male researcher: You will allow us to bring new hope to those who suffer.

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: Through your generosity

[Video: Close-up side view of bearded-male looking into the lens of a piece of ophthalmolog equipment]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: Indiana University will

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up of child’s head braced for eye exam with blue light shining in child’s right eye and adult hand stabilizing child’s head]

Meryl Streep: give millions of people

[Video: Male in red IU medical scrubs taking an adult female’s blood pressure]

Meryl Streep: the opportunity to live

[Video: Close-up of researcher’s blue-gloved hands and arms in white coat pulling a large rectangular container holding test tubes out of freezer]

Meryl Streep: longer lives

[Video: Close-up of blue-gloved hands removing one test tube from the frozen test tube storage container]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: free from the threat of debilitating diseases.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Front view of professionally dressed woman holding a model of two halves of a brain talking on a stage with the words “TED” in the background]

Meryl Streep: And expand what we know about

[Video: Rotate to side view of the scene]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: human life and how it functions.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Middle-aged female community member wearing sleeveless black blouse with five men and women of various ages from a school-age child to an older mature adult woman with building blurred in the background]

Female community member: You will strengthen our communities.

[Video: Cheerleaders cheering and waving pom-poms in Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall with NCAA basketball banners hanging in the distance and fans, a basketball goal, and shot clock in the background]

Meryl Streep: You will make it possible for students

[Video: Student wearing a backpack shaking hands with the Hermann B Wells statue on IU Bloomington campus]

Meryl Streep: from all over Indiana

[Video: Student sitting on ground studying next to the library fountain on the IUPUI campus]

Meryl Streep: to get an IU degree right in their home communities.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up of female student and male student smiling in conversation]

Meryl Streep: You will enable IU’s eight campuses

极速快3预测计划[Video: Park bench with words “IU Southeast” with two students walking together outside a building on campus in the background]

Meryl Streep: to ensure our students continue

极速快3预测计划[Video: Overhead view of beautiful white blooming trees on the pedestrian mall of a campus with university buildings in the background]

Meryl Streep: to contribute to countless communities

极速快3预测计划[Video: Streetscape with steel sculpture towers in the foreground and tall red-brick buildings lining either side of the street with parked cars.

Meryl Streep: across Indiana

[Video: Sun rising over the mountains]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: and around the world.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up of male professor/researcher wearing classes surrounded by five college-age male and female students]

极速快3预测计划Male professor/researcher: You will help us fulfill our promise for the future.

[Video: Female in pink shirt examining a plant in a greenhouse.]

[Video: Close-up view of female’s hands holding a magnifying lens as she examines a plant’s flower]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: It’s because of you that we will drive the practical solutions

[Video: Close-up of woman’s face as she examines flowering plant]

Meryl Streep: that support

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up of laptop with unidentifiable words being closed and picked up by two hands]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: the health of our environment.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Two middle-aged men looking at large robotic-like machine with wheels]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: To tackle the problems of today

[Video: Robotic-like machine with wheels traversing across reddish-brown sand dunes]

Meryl Streep: and the grand challenges of tomorrow.

[Video: Close-up black and white image of female student]

极速快3预测计划Female student: It’s your gift that creates the resources

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up black and white image of chin-bearded male student]

Male student: that shift the thinking

[Video: Black and white close-up of professor]

极速快3预测计划Professor: that equip the learners.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Black and white male researcher in a medical setting]

Male researcher #1: who become the leaders,

[Video: Black and white image of female community member in black sleeveless blouse]

Female community member: who bring the perspectives

[Video: Black and white image of male researcher in a laboratory setting]

极速快3预测计划Male researcher #2: that open the opportunities

[Video: Black and white image of male child wearing glasses]

Child: that create new possibilities

[Video: Black and white image of male child changes to color image with child wearing a red shirt and campus in the background]

Child: for all.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up image of female student wearing red shirt smiling]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: For all

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up image of a male student]

Meryl Streep: we can imagine

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up of female student wearing an IUPUI t-shirt]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: we can inspire.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up of male student smiling]

[Video: Close-up of gray-bearded man smiling]

Meryl Streep: For all

[Video: Close-up of male researcher smiling]

极速快3预测计划[Video: Close-up of female professor with IU Kelley School of Business logo in the background smiling]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: we can make possible.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Male student smiling with the doors of a campus building in the background]

[Video: Female student smiles and winks]

Meryl Streep: For all who

[Video: Male student smiling]

极速快3预测计划[Video: Female artist with colorful sculpture in background]

极速快3预测计划Meryl Streep: shaped our first two hundred years.

[Video: Smiling female student]

Meryl Streep: For all who shape our next century.

极速快3预测计划[Video: Red flag waving in the background and words appear. IU logo and FOR All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign; LEARN MORE AT FORALL.IU.EDU]

Meryl Streep: For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign

[Music Ends]

极速快3预测计划[Transcript ends]