Find Your Passion

70+ Languages to learn

550Academic programs to choose from

And step out of your comfort zone during your free time

This is your chance to take risks in every facet of your life, whether you’re deciding where to live or how to spend your Saturday nights. While you’re a student here, you have carte blanche to jump in and try as many new things as you want.

极速快3预测计划It doesn’t matter whether the leap you take leads to success or failure. Either way, you’ll learn something valuable about yourself and take another step on your journey toward transformation.

Live large

极速快3预测计划Apply to live in one of IU’s 23 academic, thematic, and living-learning centers. While some are exclusively for freshman students, many are open to students at every level.

极速快3预测计划Each community has a unique focus on subjects ranging from general academic scholarship and leadership to outdoor adventures and even sexual identity.

Students mug for the camera at an IU game.

Get yourself out there

Join a comedy improv troupe. Give gymnastics a try. Campaign for human rights. With more than to choose from, it’s easy to find something new to explore.

And play hard

极速快3预测计划Want to get your body moving? Check out the at the SRSC or join an .

We’ll bet you run out of time at IU before you run out of new things to try.